Repulse CD 1.1a 18/09/2001 39.8 MB
Some CDs shipped with the Repulse Gold have read errors. These can be identified by their serial number. The broken CDs were shipped with boards with a serial number between 51-32-2-0000 and 51-32-2-0069. This archive contains a fixed ISO Image.
Repulse User 1.2 06/09/2001 220 KB
Release 1.2, includes repulse.library 4.2, toccata.library 4.1, repulseinit 3.3
Repulse Developer 1.2 06/09/2001 16 KB
Archive with developer documentation

Repulse Library 4.4 04/10/2001 46 KB
This is the same version as library 4.2. The only difference is that it includes a new firmware. To use the new firmware you have to power off your computer completely. This version is only recommended for users who have problems with the old version 4.2. Nevertheless even users that use version 4.2 without any problems might have problems with this version. If this is true for your system please switch back to version 4.2. The reason for all that are the slight differences of the Zorro bus of every Amiga computer.
Toccata Emulation 4.2, 4.3 02/10/2001 16 KB
Update of the Toccata Emulation, includes toccata.library 4.2 und 4.3
SFX Update 1.0 06/09/2001 972 KB
SoundFX Update for user of the Repulse CD 1.0

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