Welcome to the (unofficial) support page of the Repulse soundcard for Amiga.

The Repulse soundcard is a high-end user product for all Amiga with Zorro II extension. This soundcard combines the latest sound technologies with a low price.

REPULSE uses 3.3V technology to minimize power consumption. The card is connected to the Zorro II bus by an interface which offers full bandwidth. So the hardware does not need any waitstates. REPULSE has 64 KByte sample FIFO to reduce CPU load extremely. The analog part is done by a high quality AC'97 audio codec. AC'97 codecs are used in nearly all PCI PC sound cards. The audio codec supports sample resolutions upto 20 Bit for playback and 18 Bit for record. With the enhanced full duplex mode playing and recording can be done at the same time. Additionally the Repulse sound card has a S/P-DIF In/Output which supports upto 24 Bit and 96 kHz, which is used even in PC marked only on professional audio products.

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